Cyclical Mass Hysteria AKA Going Batty Together

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flying saucer
Flying saucers, UFO's, unidentified objects, Aliens! Do they exist? Flying saucers do not exist but in our minds.

Satan, Devil, Demons, evil spirits and bad kharma! Do they exist? Demons do not exist but in our religions.

Immortals, Wandering Jews, Comte de Sainte-Germaine, and Elvis Presley the King. Will they ever stop appearing to civilized human beings?

holding falafel

Worse yet, these flying saucers, demons that don't exist and damned Jews will always be with us. UFO's, the devil, Elvis impersonators and Jew bashing are cyclical. Sharing a symbiotic relationship with any society and its members experiencing this cultural phenomenon. It's called mass hysteria!

Welcome everybody to another episode of TIP's. Truth Induced Paranoia. This week we're going to talk about mass hysteria. We're going to answer some tough questions, like what causes mass hysteria. Is hysteria itself a genetic predisposition?

With me today, to help answer these questions is Twitch Robins, sociologist from York University, author of a best-selling book, "Oops we're seeing flying saucers again"! A scientific analysis of cyclical mass psychosis.

laughing donkey

Well, lets get right to it Doctor. Tell us a little about the phenomenon called mass hysteria?

First of all, mass hysteria has manifested itself in many ways and many times. In the 1930's in Germany. In the 1950's in the American Midwest. In the 1970's in New York and California. In the 1990's the hysteria swept across North America. Now it's taking Mexico by storm.

The members of a society who claim to have seen or come in contact with flying saucers, wandering Jews, demons, are in fact an occasion where mass hysteria has filtered into a smaller unit called individual hysteria. Symptomatic to situations where organic or imposed social restructuring sweeps over the society faster than the individual can cope with, resulting in previously mentioned phenomenon.

I'm sorry doctor, one more time for the people at home.

Too much information and not enough sleep.

Case in point, who is this star from the 1990's?

fox moulder

Fox Mulder from the X-files.

Say that fives time really fast.

Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder, is that fives times?

Say it ten times, really fast, then really slow.

Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder, Fox Mulder. Fuck Smulder, Fuck Smoulder, oh my god!

One, Fox Mulder, a perpetually screwed FBI agent. Episodically screwed by the very organization he works for. An international organization so big and so corrupt that only extra-terrestrials with special powers could defeat it.

That's why Mulder's 'flying saucer' psychosis manifested itself through his fascination for UFO's and aliens! Suppressed desire for emancipation.

x files

Geeze, Doc, you had me going there for awhile. But I don't know about...

Lets jump back 20 years to the 1970's.

There was "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Richard Dreyfuss performs an impromptu duet with visiting aliens in the desert just outside of L.A.

richard dreyfuss

But it was nothing like the dueling banjo scene from "Deliverance".

Around the same time, in the movie "The Exorcist", a Californian teenager named Linda Blair is possessed by the devil. Richard Burton dressed as a Catholic priest tries to save her, but dies during the exorcism.


The priest's death was in vain. Linda Blair went on to make a sequel because she was still possessed.

linda blair

Richard Burton went on to marry Elizabeth Taylor for the third time.

taylor burton

Burger King introduced the Whopper around the time Elvis Presley died.

burger king

In the movie "...And Justice For All", Al Pacino played a New York lawyer. There was a subplot. Al's best friend suffered from narcissim. To demonstrate his ability to manipulate the law, he defended a serial murderer. He won an unbeatable case.

Within two hours of being freed, the criminal struck again and killed two women. The next day, Al had to race to the courthouse because his friend had stolen a cart full of dishes. Why?

During the night, he was wracked with guilt. By morning, he was mad enough to storm the courthouse seeking justice. His insanity drove him to hurl saucers at anything that moved.

justice for all

That morning, there were flying saucers at the courthouse because someone had cracked underneath the prevailing order.

I'm with you doc.

Jump back another 20 years to the 1950's.

The Ellis Island immigrants from the 1910's by then had become grandparents. Their children were second generation immigrants.

1950 movie poster

Just like their parents, they didn't know what was going on, but at least they spoke English. Everything was awful.

Except for the Norman Rockwell people, who were also confused, especially the woman. In the 40's they were taught to be snappy and frugal.


During the 50's, they were taught to stay home and utilize man's latest invention, a freezer.

The second generation immigrants and the Norman Rockwell people spawned the "Stand by Me kids", prone to sentiment and nostalgia. They were the ones watching the most television. They were also confused.

stand by me movie

Suddenly aliens were invading the American heartland.

monster movie

Lorne Greene and Michael Landon fired off a lot of fake ammo during badly cheorographed shoot out scenes. Season after season.

lorne greene

The town of Mayberry had a sheriff named "pa".

andy griffith

About this time, Elvis Presley left to fight the Commie threat in Korea.

elvis presley army

He missed the grand opening of Burger King.

If people didn't know what Communism was, after McCarthy they did. It was a big red, pinko, Bolshevik, Stalinist, Hollywood Jew writer threat to mankind. Most important, Christian mankind. All from the same box, just flip the dial.

Jump back another 20 years to Germany during the 1930's

Hitler rounded up the Jews, so that took care of Jew bashing. He went after the Commies which was kind of similar to the Jew bashing.

adolf hitler

Don't forget Elvis' wife was German.

elvis prisella

For centuries, the German people had been looking for a German way of being. Being German, they were sticklers for details, so they went back to the source. Their search led them to the Himalayas and the Ancient Vedic religion.

Whatever they found, it must have been terrifying, because they went nuts.

They went Nazi!

nazi officers

The SS soon began testing German made flying saucers.

flying saucers

The Vril Society began covert operations using channellers and soothsayers to contact aliens.

To be on the safe side, the Fascist began overt operations to eliminate earthly undesirables.


All this fear and hate eventually attracted tons of bad kharma. Thank god, by that time SS and Co. were in Brazil.

The common folk did not fair so well. One hypothetical German clerk eventually morphed into a bug.

man bug
Bad kharma, Elvis sightings, killing Commies, and Jew bashing are cyclical. Symptomatic to situations where organic or imposed social restructuring sweeps over the society faster than the individual can cope with. It's called mass hysteria.


Thanks Doctor Twitch.

By Afsaneh on October 25, 2003