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Scientists advocating genetic engineering and human cloning collectively authored a scientific article and got it published in newspapers worldwide.

What does the Pill Mafia want?

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Quote: "People and their representative governments should promptly move to allow cloning technology and create governing bodies to enforce guidelines. If not, a black market for cloning will soon, ensue. In fact, if there are not already people out there, cloning in their garages, there will be soon!."

In other words, years and years of research, costing billions of taxpayer dollars, has concluded, "Ordinary people can clone just as easily in their garages."

I have an idea. Lets beat the black market. Lets put a call out for these Garage Cloners. Let them come forward and share their technology. Let the people decide which cloning method they like the most.

Let the free market reign, because I too have a design for the perfect snack for the hungry but busy MaCain generation.

Hey Billy do you like fish, but are way too busy to place a pad of butter and some fish in a frying pan for ten minutes?

Way too sophisticated for something flash frozen that has to be nuked for five whole long minutes?

Then try my Neo Fancy Fish Snack, an adapted form of the Rainbow Trout.

fish make up

Even as a tiny tadpole, the fish has scales genetically modified to look and taste just like parsley garnish!

Over time the tail will develop into thin orange slices, genetically programmed to burst into delicate flower like petals in your mouth!

Just remove my fancy fish snack from its radiation protective lining. Keep away from heat and open flames!

Then like a Hot Pad shake it for a few moments and serve on a Styrofoam plate immediately!

Introducing my Neo Self-Heating Fancy Fish Snack, ready to eat before you can say ARRRHG....


Ding sold separately! Don’t sweat it Captain High Liner, the tartar sauce is already in the code!

captain highliner

This message brought to you by Nancy's Fancy Fish Farm, where the fish is already bred-ed for you.

By Afsaneh on November 09, 2003