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This is non-lethal defensive casual apparel to help women. Something they can slip on right before an evening walk.

Or early morning trot.

That’s right. This is something that will make the trip a little more personal. Something to ward off advances from passing admirers and not so nice rapists.

You’ve tailor-made this for women who live in crime ridden inner city neighborhoods.

Not necessarily, many rapists hang out in woods.

Barns even!

That’s right. Just slip this jacket on, and make sure to wear your hair up, so as not to cover the writing on the back. Again, this is non-lethal defensive casual apparel to help women live a better, happier, and more meaningful life without fear and anxiety in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Wherever they may be.

Tah Daaaaah!

police decoy

Oh my god, why hasn’t somebody thought of this before! This is brilliant.

You know when I first started this fashion line. I used only this caption and it worked wonders. A lot of women told me that they felt safer wearing this jacket and actually started strolling around their neighborhoods again. In the tougher neighborhoods I experimented with different logos.


The reaction was simply amazing. So I thought, why stop there? Take a look at these beauties.


This is assuming your attacker will be able to read, and is familiar with modern day acronyms for martial law.


Public education has an upside after all!


This is my favorite.

Yes. And last, but not least, the logo that works like a charm. Proven to consistently make even the most audacious of attackers think twice before attacking you.


Guaranteed to repel any one, even your best friend.

barbie khaki
By Afsaneh on February 16, 2004