Screwed by Connotation

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sky goddess nut

Ever wonder why, women, even women from the best of families have a slight wobble to their heads? It's like something set them off a long time ago, and they just don't know how to make it stop. It's because of the words we use. Words with too much connotative value.

holding hands

Parents warn their little children to watch out, there are bad people in the world, who will screw them, if they don't watch out. Children grow up and find out, it's all too true. On a daily basis, they're screwed at the gas pumps, they're screwed at the banks, they're screwed at the corner store, they're screwed at work, but heck that's life and five o'clock hits. They're screwed again in rush hour. They reach home, park the car, walk through the door and kiss the better half before petting the cat. They're still in love.

To recoup, they comfort each other. Across a candle lit dinner, semi-expensive wine, the memories of the day's 'screw ups' recede into the shadows. The candle burns down, the wine runs out, they brush their teeth and hop into bed. They have 23 minutes before they really have to sleep. They attempt to make love.

In bedrooms across the nation, the female prepares for the nightly role as the Egyptian sky goddess Nut, along with her consort Geb the day.

holding hands

"Listen Geb, I don't feel comfortable saying this. I spent the whole day looking over my shoulder, making sure nobody screws with me, and now, in the middle of the most vulnerable position for want me to say...I can't even say it!"

"Nut, they're just words."

"Geb, I'm an intelligent human being. These words conjure up images in my head."

"Just say it."


"That's it. You want to be this way?"

"Alright, I'll say it. Oh baby, oh baby..."

sky goddess

"Cut. You have to stop with the tone of voice. I'm shriveling up."

"Okay! Oh baby, oh baby screw me. ....Well?"

"I lost it. It's all your fault. Now you got me thinking about it. Here, it's back. I won't take long. If you don't want to get involved just pretend you're asleep."

"It's all about you coming."

"Every time I come, I make sure, you're swimming in your own dew, or are you just faking it? Nut, it's all about team work!"

"I have a headache."

"Why don't we sing our favorite duet?"

"I'm a little bit nutty."

"So why blame me if I want to screw you."

geb nut

"I don't like that duet anymore. You've changed all the words."

"Okay, how about this? Let me poke you."




By Afsaneh on September 30, 2003