Shitty Cellphone Reception - Wireless Communications Isn't What It Used To Be

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cellphone chemtrails

You know that old saying, "If got a nickle for every time I had to say that word. I would be a millionaire."

fake moon landing

In my case, it would be, if my cell phone provider could discount me 0.002 cents every time I had to say, "Can you hear me now?"..."How about now, can you hear me now?"

Good thing my service provider wasn't around 50 years ago to provide wireless communication for that historic moment called the Moon Landing.

"Eagle this Houston, there was a cloud in the way, we didn't hear what you said. Can you say it again? Roger out."

"Copy that Houston, this is Eagle. What part didn't you hear, the part about one small step for mankind or the other part about a giant leap? Roger out."

"Copy that Eagle, this is Houston. Yeah Neil, could you just the whole thing over again? Thanks. Roger out."

By Afsaneh on November, 2003